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OUC Rebates Accepting Applications NOW! Rebates For Residential Customers Who Install Solar PV!
Free Energy Audit Let Tri Star Energy work with you in your HOME or OFFICE to find ways of saving energy and money. Our detailed inspection process is a great way of creating an Energy Saving Road Map. Click HERE To Begin!  
Solar Water Heaters

Harness the power of the sun with complete solar water heating systems from Tri Star Energy.

They are offered in several different sizes to suit your heating needs. These complete systems take the
stress out of system sizing and are provided with a manual for covering all aspects of installation and operation.
Solar Attic Fans
Temperatures in the attic can get up to 150˚F causing heat to back up into the home and make your air conditioner work harder.

A solar attic fan is the perfect solution for eliminating this trapped hot air ultimately saving energy within your
home and reducing cooling costs. Below is an illustration to help demonstrate the effectiveness of this product.

Tri Star Energy

We specialize in Energy Optimization, Reduction and Savings Technologies. We look at how business and home owners use energy and help them to become more efficient or “Green”, therefore saving money.

TriStar Energy is focused on "Green" products and services for both the residential and commercial markets.  We have a full line of products such as: Solar Water Heaters, Solar Attic Vent Fans, UV Protect Hurricane Window Film, Radiant Barrier Paint additives, Whole Home / Office Surge Protectors, and HID (High Intensity Disbursement) Lighting Controllers (for commercial buildings and parking lots).

Solar Water Heater
Window Film
Electricity Monitor
HID Smart Light Manager
Solar PV
Radiant Barrier Paint
Power Saving Capacitors
Solar Attic Fan
Insulation Programmable Thermostat

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